Data Exchange Service

With the base formats of IFC2x3 and IFC2x4, various data formats have been supported with our copyrighted converters, which include:

IFC(*.ifc) - As the base of national BIM data exchange standard, various industries like highway, railway have their own extensions for specular demands. IFC supports geometrical parametrical representations as well as extensible properties.

WaveFront OBJ(*.obj,*.mtl) - OBJ file as well as material library(*.mtl), was developed by Alias | Wavefront company for its workstation-based 3D modeling and animation software as a standard 3D model file format. It is very suitable for use in a 3D model conversion between different modeling systems.

MicroStation File(*.dgn)- It is the file format used in Bentley MicroStation platform as well as its application softwares.

Revit File(*.rvt)- It is the file format used in Bentley MicroStation platform as well as its application softwares.

DXF(*.dxf)- DXF is an open vector data formats, which was developed by Autodesk and has been widely used in CAD data exchange between AutoCAD and other software.

3DS(*.3ds) - As one format of 3DMAX's, it is used to export models in the latter. The advantages of the 3 ds file is, need not constrained by the software version

The following formats will be integrated as demand:

SVG(*.svg) - A scalable vector graphics (SVG) is based on extensible markup language (a subset of standard generalized markup language), a graphic for describing two-dimensional vector graphics format. It is set by the world wide web consortium, an open standard.

3D XML(*.xml) - 3D XML (EXtensible Markup Language) is a universal, lightweight, XML-based format that enables users to capture and share live, accurate 3D data quickly and easily.3D XML compresses highly complex data, provides rapid file transmission and shorter load times while maintaining the exact geometry of the files exchanged.

IGS(*.igs) - It is mainly used for different 3 d software system of file conversion, based on IGES file generated by the IGS(Initial Graphics Exchange Specification) standard.

STEP File(*.stp) - It is a file format based on STEP(Standard for the Exchange of Product Model Data) which is established by the IOS for standardization to describe the entire product life cycle of product information.

Collada Model(*.dae)- As an open 3D model format, it was developed and now maintained by non-profit organization Khronos , and now has become one of the ISO standards and used as widely as OpenGL.

Project Management

[Smart Project Team] is a cloud-based system provides managerial functions for site managers (in testing phases)

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