Product Introduction



As BIM (Building Information Model) technology research develops, its application whether at home or abroad are advancing rapidly with outstanding technical advantages and efficiency effect. Using Internet + support, BIM single professional application is being upgraded for multiple-tasks, integrated application with different disciplinaries. "BIM has not been a model or modeling technology in narrow-speaking, but a new concept with related theories, methods, technologies, platforms and softwares, etc."

With the help of tracking the latest development of BIM technologies for many years, as well as the guidance of experts, we have developed MyBIM platform in time. It is a platform with cloud-based architecture design that connects various professional applications and allow more users to participate in a common BIM cloud platform. As shown below, it is the snapshot of client-side UI which runs on PC computers. Besides that, the graphical functionalities in Web side, mobile APP are also available. This product supports various data formats and is particularly to meet the needs of checking, browsing multiple design data from different data providers.

With the industry-advanced the technologies of "solid model" and parametric modeling adopted in this system, MX version will be powered by creating and/or modifying bodies(Click here for demo, 26M), so that it can efficiently calculate (including statistic function) BIM quantities with a high precision. A good user-friendly SDK is also provided to help 3rd-party developers to develop plugins on their own business, such as integrating with the existing OA systems, etc. Click Here (Baidu Cloud) to download MyBIM introduction materials.


System Requirements:


Operating System

Mobile phone (update now)


Cup structure aided design software is a set of large-scale aided design and drawing software developed on AutoCAD Graphics platform according to the CAD drawing standards of China's construction industry and steel structure industry. The software overcomes the drawing obstacles encountered in structural design with AutoCAD, makes the operation more simple and convenient, and is close to the habits of professional engineers of architectural structure. The software provides convenient word processing tools, tabulation tools, marking tools, library management tools, and provides a large number of symbol drawing tools, parametric drawing tools, node tools, portal frame design tools and a large number of common calculation tools. Users can complete many complex operations only by clicking the menu. The outstanding feature of the software is that it is easy to operate and learn. For a user who is familiar with AutoCAD, he can skillfully operate our software in a very short period of time to achieve twice the result with half the effort.

1.Rich drawing tools for steel structure

Node drawing includes: the drawing of common nodes of the gantry steel frame of beam and column articulated beam and beam

Draw crane beams and gear stops with support between columns, and support between I-beam and i-beam; Other drawing tools, such as drawing steel weld joints weld marking bolts drawing anchor bolts etc

Specification inquiry steel inquiry and calculation parameter inquiry tool

2.Intuitive 3D modeling of portal frame

Provide a complete system, users can start from the axis network layout to gradually build a three-dimensional model of the gantry frame plant users can visually observe the layout of the entire plant, at any time to modify the once,The system can extract information from the 3D model to generate structure general description structure arrangement drawing post network arrangement drawing anchor bolt arrangement drawing roof purlin roof purlin wall purlin purlin roof support drawing roof support detail drawing pillar support detail drawing rigid frame detail drawing windproof column

3.Convenient computing tools