About BIM


As a high-tech company, Jinan BIM Modeling SoftTech Co., Ltd., also named as "CCCBIM", which represents China Cloud Center of BIM, focuses its bussiness on the BIM modeling technologies and related areas. It was registered with the outstanding BIM modeling technologies - BIM XP, for the recruit talents policy of Shizhong district of Jinan city. All CCCBIM's founder and team members have rich experience of working for top international and/or internal companies, particularly, in civil projects consulting, engineering software development, etc. This is a top-level BIM team especially in base graphical software development.

HHBY is mainly engaged in the development of information technologies, as well as technical consulting and services, internet network application and operations, etc. The core team members have rich experience in user projects and the development of commercial products which are related to 3D graphical data, internet network, smart city, BIM, etc. CTO, also the founder, has been engaged in BIM related technology research and development for more than ten years, and now with an employment from BIM research center, of the Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University.

Our Team


Study with Department of Civil Engineering, Tsinghua University, major in computer application in civil engineering with minor in computer graphics, his research achievements for graduate program were reflected in the international publication Automation in Construction . During graduate program, CTO has published four books about software development of which two were published as the first author.

CTO has an abroad experience of working for many years with managerial positions, particularly long time of working in graphical technical development which is the software base of BIM, smart city, etc.